Take a break with a well-being program designed for you, An experience in our "Millesime Luxury Houses"

Because anybody deserves to take a time for oneself, to fully enjoy a single moment, to take a break in order to resume work stronger and motivated as ever in today fast pace lives, We have guessed and designed for you, you who daily deal with the stresses of a busy lifestyle, Instants Echo : a boost for feeling better in your life

The ec(ho) program is designed to take care of you but also to give you the keys to feel better in your daily life :

- focusing on your inner self
- focusing on your delectable sensations
- focusing on your beauty

This is why we carefully choose well-being coaches and specialists, healthy and gastronomic menus and cosmetics we will let you discover and try in our Luxury Houses. Our Heads of Houses remain at your disposal if you need information, guide you, schedule an appointment or simply talk about our Echo program.