Alexandra & Philippe - Associés Fondateurs

MILLESIME, it is above all the desire to rediscover the art of the 'French' living style that has made our country a place that we all envy ... this subtle blend of landscapes, buildings, good food and great wine…

MILLESIME is also a group of private investors, business leaders, liberals, employees, retirees, for whom "invest" is not necessarily synonymous with financial product or rental property, but can also be a way to revive places full of history, defend the tourism values of our country and finally to create sustainable jobs…

MILLESIME is finally a promise. That we are doing our best to make our guests live an experience out of time, a sort of enchanted moment of pure pleasure whatever the cost, in our restaurants or in our hotels… « MILLESIME ».
Each has its history, its values, its decor, ambiance but all share our home values, quality and history.

Discover our "houses" which are primarily yours. You will not forget this experience…

Alexandra & Philippe
Founders & Associates


Our projects and places exist only by women and men who build them and make them live. Our leaders, our Consultants, our Directors and all our employees are top professionals in their fields and put all their energy in the service of our guests. They are a first class multidisciplinary team which greatly explains the success.
Philippe Monnin

Philippe MONNIN - Manager

Financial professional and management for 25 years, Philippe advises SMEs and professionals in their career choices and heritage. He is the founder of this new concept of 'French' tourism.

Alexandra Patek

Alexandra PATEK - CEO

Lawyer specializing in corporate law, Alexandra is responsible for all legal party activities, as in negotiating acquisitions in the creation of structures and in their management.
She also manages our guest house "Villa Pastels" at Arcachon.

Alexandra Patek
Marie-Christine MECOEN

Marie-Christine MECOEN - Design & Decoration Director

Both designer, decorator and antique dealer, Marie Christine created the so special atmosphere from places that are praised by the press and by our guests. With over 40 years of experience and after designing locations worldwide, she is now dedicated to our projects.


Chantal MIECAZE - Oenotouristic Manager

Chantal is the owner of Château Léognan website which runs our restaurant "Le Manege". It also operates 5 guest rooms at the Chateau. Léognan Château was awarded "Best of Wine Tourism 2015" for France, trophy awarded to the best place of the wine country. She brings to the group her knowledge of the subject and her wine networks in France and abroad.

Patricia HAMEL

Patricia HAMEL - Administrative and Financial Director

After several experiences in accounting services, Patricia has assumed the position of AFD in catering & event companies. Since 2016, she has taken in charge the financial management of the group and assists managers in the human resource management.


Flora MIKULA - Chef Consultant

Flora is an emblematic leader of French cuisine. After passing at Christian Etienne in Avignon and Jean-Pierre Vigato and Alain Passard in Paris, she has lead two famous Parisian restaurants, "Les Olivades" and "Flora". She now heads Flora Inn, hotel and restaurant bistronomic near the Bastille in Paris. Since the creation of the group, strong of her experience, she is the head of our kitchens. She recruits our operational Chefs and their team, develops our menus and provides culinary entertainment for our houses.

Severine PERRIER

Séverine PERRIER - Aquitaine General Director

After 8 years as head of the receptive of a grand Bordeaux broker and 4 years as commercial director of the "Saint James" Relais & Chateaux bordelais, she had been in charge of the Pavilion of the Raba Castle. As from 2017, she now supervises and develops all of our sites in the Aquitaine region.

Maitena Idiart

Maitena Idiart – Communication Director

Consultant in press relations and communication for 7 years in the world of wine and the art of living, Maitena Idiart joined Millésime Group at the end of 2017. She manages the communication of the group, identity branding and medias.

Maitena Idiart

Eric SEUGNET - Head of outdoor events

With over 20 years of experience in communication and organizing corporate events, Eric now chairs the destinies of MOMENTS LODGE, which is in charge of our communication operations and our ephemeral hotel outdoor projects ... the passion of Eric « make the ephemeral unforgettable ».


Bruno PERCEPIED - Hospitality Consul

Born into a family of 5-generation-hoteliers, Bruno had been a hotelier for 20 years. Foundator of BP Consulting, he shares his experience and passion with the major players in the sector and has helped the development of the most prestigious : La Mamounia at Marrakesh, Le Ritz in Paris… and numerous "Relais & Chateaux Hotels". Today he makes a great contribution by launching projects, hiring and professional education and also by promoting "a French art of receiving hosts". He is also the guarantor of our high-quality prestation in our Luxury Houses.

Philippe ROBERT

Philippe ROBERT - Architect Advisor

Philippe is an independent architect who has several agencies in France. For Millesime, he coordinates our various projects during their pre-purchase study phase, planning our renovations and obtaining our building permits.


Guillaume BOTTOLLIER - Responsable ec(h)o

High-level athlete and specialist of relaxation technique, sophrology and dedicated to meditation for the last 20 years, Guillaume was the ideal man for the job: designing, launching and running a self-care program for Millesime. They are daily supervised by our Heads of House.

These twelve persons are the Millesime Steering Committee.
Each project passes through their hands when thinking upstream projects and of course during their implementation and their exploitation.
They are accompanied everyday of our homes by their respective Directors.

Marc ROSENZWEIG - Director of the restaurant « le Manège » in Léognan

With 15 years of experience in catering, Marc has owned three businesses in Paris, including a bistronomic restaurant before moving to Bordeaux. Since January 2017, he has taken over the management of the Manège and is bringing his experience of to the group.


Emily ROUILLARD - Head of House at La Course, reception rooms and apartment at L'Hôtel particulier de La Tresne in Bordeaux

After 7 years of work at the prestigious Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux and a rich and diverse Professional experience from reception to housekeeping occupation, Emily joined the Millesime Collection group in 2016-August. Thanks to her high-quality management and experience in luxury , she runs our Luxury Houses in Bordeaux.

Philippe NAUDON

Philippe NAUDON - Head of House at Domaine de Rabat in Talence-Bordeaux

Since 2004, Philippe has assumed all possible positions in reception and hotel management. Working at Rabat for the past 5 years, he is since 2017 the Head of this Luxury House. He is in charge of running the renovating restaurant and hotel that will be ready for 2018 but also La Cabane de Rabat, a peaceful and temporary event organized during summer.

Karine et Christophe MAURY

Karine et Christophe MAURY - Partners and Heads of House at L'Hôtel de Bouilhac in Montignac-Lascaux

Christophe and Karine are the instigators and operators of this magnificent site at the gates of Lascaux. Karine is in charge of management and of the hotel, where Christophe runs the restaurant's kitchens with his experience of several stared cuisines.

Karine et Christophe MAURY

Tiphaine BROSSIER - Head of House at Château de Sacy in Champagne – Reims

After spending 6 years abroad and in one of the most prestigious French southern hotels, Tiphaine joined us in the Millesime Collection group and runs le Château de Sacy in Reims, the hotel and the restaurant Les Vignes.

Alexandre FAIHY

Alexandre FAIHY - Head of House at La Palmeraie in la Baule

Thanks to his rich 10 year professional experience as the top of prestigious hotels, Alexandre joined our Millesime Collection group to occupy a top position at La Palmeraie in La Baule and the restaurant La Volière.

Alexandre FAIHY
Florian Cadiou

Florian Cadiou - Head of House at Vins des Pyrénées à Paris

With a solid experience of 15 years, Florian Cadiou is now at the helm of the Vins des Pyrenées restaurant with the ambition to revive this Parisian bistro and give him back his soul.


Millesime was born from the common desire of Philippe MONNIN and private investors to set up a panel of real estate investments for a creative commercial job.

Business leaders, liberals, employees, retirees, investors in Vintage projects are families who wish to diversify their traditional investments by investing in a project in the real economy, creating jobs and operating in the sectors of tourism and wine, two elements of our national heritage that we have trouble losing…

Our approach is therefore based on sophisticated investors wishing to participate not a simple investment but an economic and human adventure around shared values :

Restore our heritage buildings with all the expertise of our artisans
Showcase the history of our place and find their soul
Furnish and decorate our places in a subtle balance between modernity and time
Offer our guests places of absolute comfort while allowing to feel their size « like home »
Create around each place a motivated, involved and interested
Valuing his savings in building real world

You are a sophisticated investor and you want to know more ?
Contact Philippe Monnin at philippe@millesime-collection.com


« Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight of them when pursuing them »
Oscar Wilde

With the combined experience of our team and our accomplishments already in business, some industry professionals have asked us to act as the Council on their own projects.

The experience is interesting and each project can enrich our experiences, we created MILLESIME MANAGEMENT.

This subsidiary of the group is dedicated to the Board of hotels and restaurant operators; investors wishing to be accompanied in the construction, renovation or development of their tool.

Our offer is modulary and fits every need through a letter of pre-mission, personalized and encrypted.

From acquisition to market positioning, our advice is as much concerned funding, recruitment, interior design, decoration, furniture or visual identity.

You want to know more ? We submit your project ? Get a study and a quote ?
Do not hesitate to contact us : philippe@millesime-collection.com


Welcome to MILLESIME group.
You can send us your CV and motivation letter and join our bank of talents.
If we have any work opportunities according to your profile, we will contact you.

Thank you !