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Millésime and Audi France join forces to live more experiences!

For over 100 years, Audi has imagined the future of motoring through a series of avant-garde innovations. Fascination, passion and perfection have guided the brand throughout its history and it has claimed a countless string of victories in famous international sports competitions. We live in exciting times ; new perspectives are opening up all the time and Audi’s core mission is to develop electromobility and mobility for the future.

Audi accompanies its fans in their everyday driving experience by maintaining an essential bond between people and technology.

Because a road always leads to a destination, Millésime and Audi have naturally joined forces in their desire to create a permanent dialogue between travel and lifestyle, elegance and expertise.

When you decide to enjoy the Millésime experience at the Château de Sacy in Reims, the Domaine de Raba in Talence or the Grand Hôtel du Soleil d’Or in Megève, you will get the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving an Audi. Inspiration, design and freedom… From any one of these Millésime Houses, drive off with the brand’s latest innovations and, as you hit the road, discover new horizons.