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The Brasserie 744 has put all its expertise to work offering a range of local beers featuring our High Altitude House!

Brasserie 744 is a craft brewery of organic beers located at the foot of Le Môle in Haute-Savoie. At the start of the project, two childhood friends decided to give the world of brewing a shot. Marc, from Haut-Savoie, and Nicolas, from Nantes. A third partner, Benjamin, joined them shortly afterwards. Through trial and error they have succeeded in creating a full range of craft beer with the emphasis on locally sourced top quality ingredients. Thanks to their success, they set up shop in La Tour in 2019 in a more suitable location and increased their production to 500L of beer brewed per day! Two employees then joined the team, including Grégory as Master Brewer.

Brasserie 744 now offers a range of characterful organic beers, focused on flavour. From pale ales to stouts, everyone will something to love. Of course, the malts come in part from a Haut-Savoie malt house located in Annecy and the brewery is committed to respecting the environment by giving its distillers grains (a by-product of the brewing process) to a farmer in the region.

(Re)Discover some iconic beers and tempt your palate with 100% original creations at the Grand Hôtel du Soleil d’Or and you’ll see that the Brasseries 744’s motto « Taste is Everything » is not just empty words.