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It’s a date ! Once a month Millésime takes you on a voyage of discovery, showcasing the creative universe of a particular manufacturer or master craftsman.

Synonymous with French expertise and unmatched quality for over forty years, priding themselves on their ethical and sustainable approach to manufacturing and the ability to reinvent themselves constantly while remaining true to their roots, Jean-Vier, Makers of fine linen from the Basque country, were bound to cross the path of our artistic Director Marie-Christine Mecoen.

Maison Jean-Vier knows first and foremost how to observe its environment, sense the zeitgeist and understand what people need… We are immersed in creativity, bespoke solutions and adaptability, which make all the difference today.

With its seven stripes representing the provinces of the Basque Country, its textile work and its exceptional weaves, especially in linen, originally grown by farmers and used to protect cattle from the sun, we are at the heart of the Basque tradition.

Household linens, from the table to the bathroom, from the living room to the bedroom, take on a new life, adorned with blends of bright colours and delicious geometric patterns designed in the 1930s, the materials are now high performance thanks to specific treatments.

Spend a (very pleasant) moment in the company of André Elustondo, who manages the House, and Clémentine Paredes, its Artistic Director, and you will understand that quality and modernity can coexist.

Breaking with tradition while respecting and paying tribute to it. The story of Maison Jean-Vier and Millésime is naturally formed around the values of sharing, authenticity and the love of beautiful things.