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Emotions sparked by scent with Nicolaï lo Russo

A friendly chat over dinner was all that talented Nicolaï lo Russo,* a sensitive artisan scent creator and lover of plants, needed to capture the unique essence of our ‘Houses’ and create their olfactory stories.

All senses firing, he sniffs the atmosphere, drinks in every little detail and deciphers the setting created by our Ar-tistic Director. Only then do senses give way to research: ingredients are meticulously selected according to skill-fully composed harmonies, until the alchemy is almost ready for the next step… but wait, it will take a few more months of gestation for the aromas to fully develop, dee-pen and blend to yield a unique fragrance, an invitation on a journey of the senses, beyond time, beyond fashion and beyond remarkable.

Voyage à Bordeaux, created for La Course, gently im-bues the memory of grapevines, while revealing notes of leather, wood and spices inspired by the city’s history. La Palmerie 1929 enlivens our House in La Baule with a gentle blend of seaside exoticism and the powder-per-fume of socialites about to embark on festivities. Château de Sacy is rich with decadent Champagne, an ode to the sparkle of grapes and the delicate Biscuit de Reims, with a hint of lily for an enticing, regal atmosphere.

The aromatic adventure continues at the Grand Hôtel du Soleil d’Or in Megève, the birthplace of the new Millésime x Nicolaï lo Russo creation, which you’ll be able to discover this winter.

More than a perfume, it’s a little piece of Millésime that you’ll want to take home.