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Wellness by Millésime

Everybody deserves a little Me time, a break from the stresses and strains of your everyday routine; a chance to recharge your batteries and emerge refreshed and revitalised, ready to take up the challenges of your busy life on the go. That is why we created éc(h)o. The aim is to boost your wellbeing and provide some feel-good moments for stressed out people.

éc(h)o : A Three time programme

1. A healthy gourmet selection to be found on the Menus

At our restaurants, with  éc(h)o -certified à-là-carte dishes for lighter meals but with all the taste. We’re convinced great food can be enjoyed without sacrificing the basics of healthy eating. Which is why our menus contain a few éc(h)o choices too! Concocted by our Chefs, these dishes are a perfect marriage between gustatory pleasure and dietary balance. With the éc(h)o seal of approval, our Chefs’ culinary inventions beckon you from breakfast to dinner and from starter to dessert, plus of course that essential teatime snack, whatever your age! Organic scrambled eggs, oat milk, tasty quinoa dishes, fish straight from the catch… You’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy and lifts yours mood without even spoiling your diet!

2. A sporty path to greater wellbeing…

With fitness sessions and wellness activities like sophrology and relaxation, individual and group sports in the company of professional coaches… At Millésime you can take your pick. So what will it be? Tai Chi in the great outdoors? Paddleboard Yoga? Rooftop? A good old bike ride through the vineyard? If you want to spend some energy, digest that meal or simply relax, let us take care of you. We’re good at echoing your wishes!

…A sensory adventure

Millésime has also come up with some exclusive tasting sessions where your mindfulness is invited along too! Sophrology techniques will plunge you into the colours, textures, aromas, tastes and even sounds of Champagne, Wine or Chocolate. A sensory adventure like no other!

3. Unique éc(h)o spas

Treatments from the éc(h)o or Gemology range for massages tailored to your needs and desires, or just to match your mood. Some of our products, from the éc(h)o range developed by Carole Primat, our Spa & Wellbeing Manager, are made from 100% natural plant oils and pure plant extracts. Others have been selected from our reputed partner, Gemology, a French brand and world leader when it comes to natural, mineral-based cosmetics. Oozing with the virtues of trace elements, semi-precious stones and gemstones, these products have a wonderful elegant texture that captivates you and gets instant results.

Make your beauty shine

ll our properties have a House manager on hand
to explain what is on offer, guide you in your choices and make appointments for your own
special éc(h)o moment.

Immerse yourself in the universe of our Spas and book your Wellness break!