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Millésime, the other Luxury


“Make Millésime a global lifestyle brand”

A deeply humanist vision of a welcome that is totally focused on our Guests and disrupts traditional hospitality. Bringing together our achievements and our experience over the past eight years, we are setting ourselves the challenge of being both unique and universal, every time.

“Authenticity, Freedom, Sharing”

Each Millésime House is Authentic in its history, its decoration, its values and the strong partnerships it weaves with its local area to offer unique experiences. Our Houses are living spaces where our Guests are welcomed and recognised by attentive and available teams in a timeless atmosphere, a “bubble” where everyone wants to Share their pleasure at being there. Our Guests have the freedom to create their own experience, to make their memories, to fulfil their desires, a real recipe for happiness.

“A Chic and Authentic Club House”


Across at least 2,000 m2 of buildings, we want to offer you a few dozen rooms and suites grouped around a space for sharing combining a lounge, bar and restaurant into an open concept based on tasting and conviviality. Your stay can be enhanced by a moment of Wellness and self-discovery, from our Spa to sporting activities, and also by a visit to our store to continue the experience at home. Firmly rooted in its local terroir, each Millésime House claims it and offers tailored activities, excursions and visits to make your stay unique. Experiences to select from our “Bubbles”, Discovery Boxes to give or to gift to yourself. Each House reveals its world to you and is discovered through a product chosen from its local gastronomic heritage. This signature thus allows for a totally unusual and unique Epicurean Journey throughout our Houses and your visits.


Millésime is above all a human adventure. Partners, Consultants, and Employees: everyone shares and carries it so that our values are presented to our Guests from their first visit. At the head of a close-knit, competent and motivated team, the Maîtres de Maison are the cornerstone of the Millésime organisation. The are focused on their welcome mission and convey the values of the Group.

Beyond our Maîtres de Maison, the entire Millésime team
is dedicated to giving you exceptional experiences.
Discover them!