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The renaissance of a Basque Jewel in the spring of 2022

Millésime was immediately seduced by the Château de Brindos, its bucolic nature, its lake, its legends and its festive past. Faithful to its values, Millésime draws from the heart of the place to bring out its soul and give it back all its brilliance.

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A bit of History and Geography

Situated in Anglet, a few minutes from the beaches of Biarritz and in the heart of the Basque Country, this magnificent Hispano-Moorish style residence was built in the 1930s by a Bordeaux architect, William Marcel, for a rich and fantastic Englishman, Sir Reginald Wright. The domain is nestled in a park with many species of trees, in the heart of which is one of the largest private lakes in France, surrounded by a cavalry path. An invitation to long walks, to take a rest and to relax.

Between legends and Celebrations

The Castle of Brindos reveals other facets, with the lake as its star. It is said that one full moon evening, under the words of a mysterious old woman sitting by the lake, beautiful women like fairies, cloaked in white veils, appeared from every water lily, until they populated the whole lake. A marvellous dance begins… the night of the enchanted lake… The legend is born. The emblematic domain was the theatre of memorable celebrations: lights in the trees, elegant outfits, jazz, luminous ballets on the waters of the lake.

Waking up the sleeping beauty

After being the property of Serge Blanco for almost twenty years, Millésime is now taking over the place, which has not been exploited since October 2019. Marie-Christine Mecoen, Artistic Director of the group and originally from the Basque Country, has immediately felt the need to rediscover the identity of the Basque Country: song, dance and music. The Basque tradition and its legends will be the backbone of her inspiration. A castle, a lake, unusual accommodation on the water, different ambiences, a thousand experiences that will bring us to an enchanted country!

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