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Perfume Diffuser “Champagne Gourmand” – Château de Sacy

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The Perfume created for the Château de Sacy “Champagne Gourmand”

Majestic and regal on its commanding hilltop, Chateau Sacy shines at the heart of Champagne. It has it all, tranquillity, voluptuous decadence, fleur de Lys and a subtle fizz, sweet almond and Biscuits de Reims, interlaced with white tones, cognac and champagne: grapevines turned royal!

Notes: Champagne accord (with a radiant fizz…), lys accord (The king’s flower, white, heady, almost sweet…), white musks
Boudoir note – pink Biscuits de Reims

Perfumer: Nicolaï Lorusso (ÉNÉLAIR)
Produced by Solutions Parfums GRASSE

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