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Millésime Discovery Offer – Our Interior Perfumes

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The perfume created for Le Château de Sacy, “Champagne Gourmand”

Majestic and regal on its commanding hilltop, Chateau Sacy shines at the heart of Champagne. It has it all, tranquillity, voluptuous decadence, fleur de Lys and a subtle fizz, sweet almond and Biscuits de Reims, interlaced with white tones, cognac and champagne: grapevines turned royal!

The perfume created for Le Domaine de Raba, “Madame Raba”

A precious oasis away from the bustle. Relax beneath the greenery and enjoy a fruity cocktail with echoes of distant shores. Water iris invites you to the delights of the spa, white laurel and solar ylang join the dance, promising a sensory festival. Madame Raba is smiling…

The  perfume created for Le Grand Hôtel du Soleil d’Or, “Edelweiss Cacao”

A personification of the mountain with an emblematic flower, silky and white like the snow. Perfectly dusted with cocoa. The fragrance starts gently, like a little flurry of snowflakes, then floral tones take centre stage and, with this, a few bitter notes of cocoa. The softness of musks follows, without overpowering the edelweiss.

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